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Monday, November 30, 2015

White House Thanksgiving Fence Jumper Is a ‘Young American That Wanted to Deliver a Message of Change’: Attorney

WASHINGTON (AP) — A college student who jumped over the White House fence while draped in an American flag was committing civil disobedience and had no plans to harm himself or others, his attorney said Sunday.

Joseph Caputo, 22, of Stamford, Connecticut, was carrying a binder with “a rewritten Constitution” when he scaled the fence on Thursday, prompting a lockdown while President Barack Obama celebrated Thanksgiving with his family, attorney Stephan Seeger said. Caputo was the first person to jump over the White House fence since the Secret Service installed additional metal spikes earlier this year in response to a series of security breaches.

Seeger said his client was different from previous fence jumpers, including a man who was armed with a knife and got deep inside the executive mansion before being arrested.



Anonymous said...

This incident shows how useless and wasteful our government is. They put up those spikes on the fence around the WH with great fanfare earlier this year and told everyone how the spikes would keep people from jumping the fence. What a bunch of morons. They obviously are just taking their cues from the idiot in charge. Governments just like Corporations take on the characteristics of their leaders. Ours is a buffoon.

Anonymous said...

but it doesn't show how tyranical and extremist white americans have become? Yeah seems legit.

Anonymous said...

Run 440 through that fence and watch him jump it.

Anonymous said...

Zap! Crackle-pop.