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Monday, November 30, 2015

NAACP Seeks to Block 2016 Voter ID Requirement

The NAACP and others challenging changes to North Carolina’s election law overhaul in 2013 are seeking to block the photo ID requirement for the March primaries.

The challengers filed a request in federal court on Tuesday seeking a preliminary injunction that would keep the current law in place until their legal challenge can be fully heard.

Attorneys for the state lawmakers standing behind the ID requirement have voiced opposition to the NAACP request. In court documents filed earlier this month, attorneys for the state said they think the legal challenge can be heard and decided before the March primaries.

When lawmakers added the requirement that voters have photo IDs by 2016 to vote, they contended that the measure was necessary to prevent voter fraud.

Few voter fraud cases have been brought and prosecuted in North Carolina and elsewhere in the United States.

Challengers contend the requirement is meant to “suppress” the minority and young vote. They argue that North Carolina’s list of acceptable IDs, which excludes college and university student ID cards, is the most restrictive in the country.

In August, a federal court struck down a Texas law requiring voters to show authorized identification before casting ballots, saying the measure violated the U.S. Voting Rights Act through its “discriminatory effects.”

North Carolina lawmakers amended the state requirement shortly before that ruling and added a provision that gives voters who can show they were unable to obtain an ID a chance to cast a provisional ballot.



Anonymous said...

Between the voter ID requirements and more conservatives actually voting - voter fraud instances would come to light more often.

Besides, these two items are the only way the dumbocrats win!

Anonymous said...

You need ID for EVERYTHING but as usual the dumocrats want to cheat anyway they can. Bad enough in all the major cities the poor folk who we give everything and anything too vote in basements if row homes. No voter fraud there.

Anonymous said...

People in every city in every state in this country should have to show ID before they can vote. Will never happen probably, but it should.

Steve said...

Requiring an I.D. to buy booze and to drive is discrimination as well, then. Strike all I.D. laws this gets settled!

Pretty simple if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

All it would take is lines and lines of white folks standing in line to "vote" in a black area, for the NAACP to start howling about "voter fraud" and demanding two forms of photo ID from anyone who shows up to vote.