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Monday, November 30, 2015

7th Grader Calls School Board ‘Liars’ Over ‘God Is Myth’ Lesson Cover-up

KATY, Texas – While the adults running the Katy, Texas school district are trying to move on from their botched cover-up involving a controversial classroom lesson, a 12-year-old student isn’t letting them.

West Memorial Junior High 7th grader Jordan Wooley appeared before the Katy ISD school board Monday and called them “liars” over their role in the handling of a lesson in which students were to say God was “a myth,” or take a failing grade.

“You tried to cover up the incident. You tried to twist your words to where it was hard to find the truth,” Jordan said from the podium, Fox 26 reports.

“You called me a liar without using the word liar.”

“If anything has been said that was wrong it was your words, not mine,” Wooley said. “You lied about saying the assignment was not graded, although it originally was, until the principal changed it.”

She told the board she was told to kill herself and called words “I’m not allowed to say.”

“I’m not asking for much, all I’m asking for is the truth and an apology for lying,” she said.

Jordan was cut off mid-sentence after one minute and 45 seconds and was not able to complete her statement, according to parent activist Alice Linehan.

“She was strong yet respectful and received a standing ovation,” Linehan says.

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Anonymous said...

Lying Board of Ed. Lying school administrators. I guess it isn't just here. It's an epidemic.

Anonymous said...

Out of the mouth of babes

Anonymous said...

Remember people, as will the police and with the BOE it is always for your safety and the kids safety and it is always your fault for the problems!!!! Always!!!!

Anonymous said...

There is as much foundation for "God", as there is for other mystical figures, i.e. Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth fairy.
This belief in "God" is as strong today as belief in "Zeus" was in their day.
Mankind has always wanted some form of a great "God", to use as an explanation for things.
The school was just trying to be factual.

Anonymous said...

In fact, this story has been debunked.

The assignment was to identify statements that were either facts, assertions, or opinions. The assignment was to be able to identify and differentiate between these things. Any deity assertion is just that, an assertion. Facts require evidence.

These people are upset because they don't get to tout their imaginary friend as a fact, so they are being dishonest about what they are doing. Last I checked, lying is a sin, right?

Anonymous said...

The teacher giving the assignment is a Christian... seems the article forgot to add that as well.

Also, were the statement recognized as a fact, then no one would need FAITH then, would they?