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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Tainted Halloween Candy Found in Local Prince Frederick Neighborhood

(HUNTINGTOWN, MD) Troopers are looking into an isolated incident of tainted Halloween candies found in the Patuxent View neighborhood in Calvert County, Maryland.

Just after 6:00 p.m. on November 2, 2015, troopers from the Prince Frederick Barrack responded to the 4100 block of Dunn Rd. in Huntingtown, Maryland for a complaint regarding metal sewing needles found in Halloween candy. The victim the needles after inspecting the candy before allowing her child to eat the candy. The victim stated she took her children to Seagull Beach Rd. in Prince Frederick with friends for trick or treating.

Troopers from the Prince Frederick Barrack responded to the Patuxent View neighborhood and conducted an extensive neighborhood check to identify any other tainted candies and to make the citizens aware of this incident. Troopers found no other tainted candies or reports of that nature. A check was made of local law enforcement in the area which yielded negative results. No injuries occurred.

Investigators from the Prince Frederick Barrack are asking anyone with any information or if they have tainted candy to contact the barrack immediately.


Anonymous said...

Never thought of Calvert County, Maryland as being "local" Actually never considered any land across the bay as local. You seem to be confusing where you come from (after NY, NJ and Calif) with where you live (Delmar and Ocean City).

Anonymous said...

After seeing the news report, listening to the details...and then hearing the kid talk about it...

I believe it's another hoax. One of the kids most likely shoved the needles in the candy himself, for the attention. Too many coincidences.

Anonymous said...

We take our granddaughter trick or treating then throw all that candy away and give her what we bought. Sad ain't it?

Anonymous said...

11:48 Sad, and entirely unnecessary.

The whole thing was a hoax, just like always.