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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: Bad Accident On Rt. 50 Bridge In Ocean City

Ocean City Fire/EMS just dispatched to the Rt.50 bridge for a motor vehicle crash involving a motorcycle and a car. Expect delays in the area.


Steve said...

I guess people forgot there were motorcycles still around. I was run out of my lane twice today! Watch out, people!

Anonymous said...

It was between a drunk bicyclist and a motorcycle.
The cyclist was escorted off the bridge in new shiny braclets..

Anonymous said...

No shortage of drunk bicyclists on the Rt 50 bridge. They wobble across on their bikes all day and night, usually on the protected pedestrian sidewalk where they're supposed to be walking their bikes, not riding them, according to the warning signs at each end of the bridge. I wish that OCPD would do a little bit of enforcement there, but they don't even seem to try.