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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Movie Critic Complains: Charlie Brown Lacks ‘Non-White Love Interest’

Variety's Debruge thinks The Peanuts Movie should have pushed sexual agenda

A movie critic is upset at the upcoming Charlie Brown movie because the titular character doesn’t have a “non-white love interest.”

Variety’s Peter Debruge said the cartoon needs “a little modernization” in terms of interracial romance between eight-year-olds.

“While Franklin remains Charlie Brown’s only brown friend, a non-white love interest would have been as progressive as Schulz’s tomboyish depiction of Peppermint Patty was back in the day,” he said about the Peanuts Movie.

In other words, Debruge believes the movie producers should have used a cartoon character from the 1940s to push a Brave New World-style sexual agenda on little kids.



Anonymous said...

What is it with Hollywood and the media concerning the promoting of race mixing? What is the agenda? Why is it such a crime to be white?

Anonymous said...

Hollywood is trying to 'level the playing field' by lowering whites to that of minorities.

Anonymous said...


What a turd. A "love interest" for six year olds? Wasn't Snoopy and Woodstock enough of a "mixed couple"?

Does everything have to insert a black person, just to say they were "diverse"?

Next thing you know, they'll be trying to cast (insert some famous black actor here) as Thor, as a mighty Zulu conqueror.

And THEY whine and get comically, hypocritically "angry" over what they dare call "cultural misappropriation".

Peanuts were mostly white kids. Period.

Boondocks is mostly black kids. So was Fat Albert.

So what?