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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Obamacare prices increase for those who don't get subsidies

"For people who are on the outside of subsidies, what had been a very expensive market has become even more expensive," says a researcher at an insurance comparison site.

"Cheap" could cost you more for Obamacare next year.

People who buy the cheapest health plans on the biggest Obamacare exchange without getting financial assistance are facing the largest increases for premiums and out-of-pocket costs in 2016, new analyses show.

Average prices of the so-called bronze plans on the marketplace are rising 11 percent for nonsubsidized customers over 2015 prices. Average deductibles for individuals are increasing by the same percentage, to $5,731, according to a study by, an insurance comparison site.

Average premiums for the most popular types of plans, known as "silver plans," are going up nearly as much — 10 percent — for customers who are unsubsidized, HealthPocket found.

Silver plan deductibles, however, are rising more modestly next year, by 6 percent for an individual, to $3,117.



Anonymous said...

hey, don't look at me. YOU jerks, nincompoops, ignorant liberal-loving, gay-loving, living off public assistant, SNAP, section 8 and all those 47% who feel they are entitled to something (perhaps to 'right' all the wrongs whitey has inflicted since 1609) - YOU are the one who voted for socialism, a national healthcare system (Obamacare) so you get what you deserved. Hillary will bring more of the same so you haven't seen the end yet.

Anonymous said...

HEY this article is also a lie, mine went from 600 to 900 a month.
thats a tad bit more than 11%
I am so sick of the lying media

Anonymous said...

hey idiot! 600 to 900 is 50 %. Slower, lower Delaware?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I get subsidies, and my personal premium cost went up 110 percent a month.
the plan went up 30 percent total.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot 8:42 - comprehension issues???
The article states it went up 11%
I said it went up more - which was my point!
Your point??? Gawd you people are so proud to try and insult others you do not even realize what a total jackazz you are making out of yourselves.

What a disgusting petty smallminded dump this place is.

lmclain said...

8:42...he never stated a number, just "a tad bit more than 11%".
YOU put words in his mouth and then called him an idiot?
Looks to me like you are the real idiot.