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Friday, October 16, 2015

Army Secretary: Women Will Likely Have To Register For The Draft

As female soldiers are becoming more integrated into combat roles in the Army, Congress will eventually have to decide whether women will have to register for the draft, Army Secretary John McHugh said Monday.

Mr. McHugh argued that if “true and pure equality” is the goal in the U.S. military, then the possibility of women registering for the draft, is likely.

“If your objective is true and pure equality then you have to look at all aspects” of the roles of women in the military, Mr. McHugh said on the first day of the Association of the United States Army’s annual meeting in Washington, reported.

Registration for the draft, “will be one of those things that will have to be considered,” he added.



Anonymous said...

Good its called womens Lib.

Anonymous said...

They should also be forced to get the same horrible haircut that the men get. Silly bishes.

Anonymous said...

Good... And make that retroactive!

Anonymous said...

Equal Rights= Equal Risks! You wanted it and now you got it with a price tag!

Anonymous said...

It's only a few left wing women who are forcing this on all women.