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Friday, October 16, 2015

September Home Sales in Salisbury, MD

September 2015 Salisbury MD Home Sales Statistics

In September 2015, the median single family home sales price in Salisbury Maryland and Wicomico County was $162,500, up 2% from Salisbury MD real estate and homes for sale the median sales price last September. There were 75 home sales, up 4% from last September.

The average time on market was 3.7 monthscompared to 4.0 months for home sales in the Salisbury MD area last September.

Currently, there are 7.0 months of supply of homes in the Salisbury MD area.* This is determined by how many homes are available divided by how many homes sold the previous month.



Anonymous said...

The real estate business around here is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Too many investor realtors around here can't be trusted.

Anonymous said...

I had a realtor tell me he can sell my home fast no problem. He wanted to sell it for 50,000 less than what I owe. Moron! !