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Friday, October 16, 2015

Under-Investigation Educators Still Received $8.1B In Federal Funds Last Year

The federal government has ramped up its efforts to protect consumers from unfair and deceptive for-profit colleges in recent years: implementing so-called gainful employment rules this summer, discharging millions of dollars in student loans for students who were defrauded by Corinthian Colleges and restricting the University of Phoenix’s ability to participate in tuition-assistance programs for active-duty servicemembers. Still, these steps appear to have done little to keep questionable for-profit colleges from getting their hands on billions of dollars in funding straight from the government. 

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Anonymous said...

There are a few specific businesses, that I believe shouldn't be "for profit", as this runs counter to the interests of not just the consumer, but the public good as well.

Healthcare, including health insurance, prisons, and education.