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Saturday, July 04, 2015

OC cab companies bailing out

The possibility of an Uber-induced decline in the resort’s taxi medallion system appears to be accelerating from a slow bleed into a full-scale evisceration.

Two of the city’s largest taxi companies are now planning to sell off their city medallions (one with a classified in this newspaper) and move their businesses either to Delaware, or into the realm of digital “Transportation Network Services,” given the relative lack of restraint placed on web-based carriers in Maryland.

Further, talk of a taxi strike in Ocean City is gaining ground, with the possibility that the resort could join Mexico City, Paris, and other cities around in the world in seeing cabbies actively protest their loss of job security because of what they say is a bureaucratic bungle.

“I’m selling them, but so far nobody wants to buy,” said Michael Pawlowski, owner of Nite Club Taxi and Coastal Cab. The company holds 30 Ocean City taxi medallions, Pawlowski said.



Anonymous said...

First Man walked, then Man road animals, then Man mechanized transportation, Cars, trains, busses, planes, and now Uber. Cleaner, Safer, and more efficient.Drivers are WELL RESTED and this means they are much safer to ride with! Driver's actually help with baggage and groceries and because they do this they charge a FAIR rate and get good tips.

Anonymous said...

The thieving bastards have gotten fat and happy for too long. let them eat cake I say.

Anonymous said...

Uber is a rip off!! I used Uber in Philadelphia last weekend to go to a concert. From the hotel to the stadium was $55 after the concert the return trip was $376 . I've been fighting the charges all Uber will say is that at the time of my request they increase their rates to encourage drivers to take calls. Good luck to anyone who uses their services!!

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot then. All you do is get the fare estimate. If it's to high then take a cab. If it's low then request the pick up. You apparently don't know how to use the app. Uber is super cheap and easy.

Anonymous said...

Uber. Bring it.

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that most local drivers pay no taxes on their earnings!!! Most are receiving some sort of public assistance. Local Salisbury companies hire people that don't even make minimum wage. They have to fill up the cab at the end of the day and are lucky to bring home $40.00. They are considered contractors and not employees! Why are they not investigated? They do not report their earnings!

Anonymous said...

I have used Uber and you can accept the fare at the time or call a cab. Uber is the future.