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Saturday, July 04, 2015

Kentucky social worker fears for job after helping child no longer assigned to her

A Kentucky social worker fears she could lose her job just for visiting a child she feared was being abused - after she had been reassigned from the case.

Karey Cooper told she received calls and emails in April from the relatives of a 7-year-old girl alerting her that the girl was being abused at home. Cooper, who had previously worked on the case, went to check on the girl at school, and found her hungry and disheveled. The girl told Cooper she often was not fed meals and did not see her therapist required by a court mandate

"She had not eaten since dinner the night before," Cooper said. "The [school] staff got her a tray together of food and while she ate I brushed the knots out of her hair and put her hair up into a pony tail."



Anonymous said...

Sounds like the useless Wicomico County Social Service Dept who do absolutely nothing to help abused or neglected children ALL over this county!

Anonymous said...

This woman needs a promotion to replace her boss!