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Friday, July 17, 2015

'Hogan Strong' cancer awareness merchandise grows in Maryland

The slogan “Hogan Strong” is spreading beyond a social media hashtag.

Route One Apparel, a small business founded by a University of Maryland College Park junior four years ago, has created a Hogan Strong T-shirt, designed with the motto and a cancer awareness ribbon — in a Maryland flag pattern, of course. For each $25 shirt sold, $5 will go to lymphoma and leukemia research, according to the business.

Less than a month ago, Republican Gov. Larry Hogan announced he has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and is undergoing aggressive medical treatment. The cancer develops in a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infections.



Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell Hogan to back off those Sons of Confederate Veterans plates. There may only be less than 200 on vehicles, but there are thousands more people who support Southern Pride. Wake up Hogan and quit making decisions like this until you are off your medication.

Anonymous said...

I'm let down with Hogan supporting Chris Christy for president. He has to be the worst governor New Jersey ever had. I was shocked. Poor decision. Hope Mr Hogan beats cancer.

Anonymous said...

Cracker Barrel is offensive To me. I'm not joking.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Americans supporting southern pride. They are still free to do so; or should be. No different than the gays celebrating gay pride with rainbow flags or black panthers celebrating with their own flag. They all offend someone somewhere but that's what makes America unique. Freedom to express yourself. It's only in recent times that Americans have been taught by liberals to be offended by others expressing their interests.