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Friday, July 24, 2015

Desperate to Stay Relevant, Hillary Jumps on “Black Lives Matter” Bandwagon

Black Lives Matter flexes its political muscle in Democrat presidential race

Following the charade during the Netroots Nation 2015 Presidential Town Hall held at the Phoenix Convention Center where candidates Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders were shouted down by Black Lives Matter activists, top DemocratHillary Clinton has vowed to take up the mantle of race and social justice.

“We all have a responsibility to face these hard truths about race and justice honestly and directly,” Clinton told a crowd of 400 supports at Brookland Baptist Church in West Columbia, South Carolina on Thursday.

“We have worked hard to come back from the Great Recession,” Clinton said. “With President Obama’s leadership and the determination of the American people, we are standing. But we need to start running together.”

Clinton apparently learned a lesson from the experience of former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley who said during the Netroots shoutfest that “all lives matter.”



Anonymous said...

"Cankles and Cackles Matter"

Anonymous said...

If you watch ESPN or SportsCenter at all, you know who Stephen A. Smith is. He is an African American fellow who holds no qualms telling you he defends the African American community as much as he possibly can. He spoke about the recent "Black Lives Matter" on Twitter. He stated that where is all the call for "Black Lives Matter" when African Americans are shooting other African Americans? This sparked a heated debate on the Social Media Outlet and I found it comical that most of the people who were offended were African American. Why is it that when a Caucasian, mostly, individual harms an African American individual it is met with such outrage? Even more concerning is the fact that the outrage grows when a Police Officer is involved. The African American community is quick to condemn violence when it occurs from outside of their race, yet seem oblivious and outraged when you point out the FACT that most African Americans who are murdered are killed by a fellow African American? It astonishes me that the outrage never seems to boil over in places like Chicago or Baltimore when 10+ people are killed in a single weekend, yet when one drug dealing criminal is killed by an officer or another race the riots break out. If "Black Lives Matter", shouldn't they matter when their lives are taken by a fellow African American as well? Not just when it suits your agenda. If black lives really matter you should see protests in neighborhoods where it is normal for a drive by shooting to occur every day. This logic makes absolutely no sense.

Anonymous said...

More like "Black Votes Matter".

Anonymous said...

Killary couldn't face anything honestly and directly. She continues to lie about everything. Her whole life is a televised lie completely orchestrated to con the un-enlightened voter.

Anonymous said...

They make no sense.