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Friday, July 24, 2015

Oath Keepers National Call to Action: Help Us “Protect the Protectors” by Guarding Recruiting and Reserve Centers

Time to Step Up and Get it Done.

This is a national Oath Keepers call to action, launching a nation-wide Oath Keepers Operation Protect the Protectors. For this operation, we are calling on all Oath Keepers chapters in every state, and all individual Oath Keepers members, to step up in their community and stand guard at their local recruiting stations and Reserve centers (anywhere our military personnel are forced to be unarmed while exposed to attack) or assist as support for those who are standing guard. Please do this immediately.

Recruiting stations across the nation continue to receive terrorist threats, and since the Obama Administration and the DOD still refuse to change the insane policy of ordering our troops to go unarmed in recruiting stations and Reserve centers, those troops are still at great risk. So, it up to us veterans and dedicated patriots (whether veterans or not) to step in the gap and “Protect the Protectors.”

Many of our chapters and members are already guarding recruiting stations nation-wide. In fact, on the day of the shooting, within hours of the attack, our Tennessee chapter was guarding several recruiting stations in that state (and are still doing so). The next day, on Friday, July 17, 2015, the Arkansas Oath Keepers chapter, lead by their state President, Special Forces veteran Rick Moon, launched their “Operation Protect the Protectors” in Arkansas, guarding numerous recruiting stations throughout that state. On Sunday night I held a call with our state leaders and encouraged them to do likewise.



Anonymous said...

Our now third world country , we protect our military ? WTF is happening? I thought that should be the other way around.
I guess we have to do background checks on the army so they can carry guns on duty , or maybe just give them water pistols . Oh that's right a lot of them aren't even 21 years old , we can't let them carry guns , only if they kill the enemy in other countries.
You go Obama , you got to be the biggest a$$*$#@&*^SO%$# in the world.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Obama won't issue guns to the military , when they join the only requirement is that you are breathing , can you imagine what we have now for defense , Well I'll tell you : crimnals, illegals ,lesbians , gays , stanic tribes and the whole lot of crap.
Of course I do exclude most of the Marines and Army recon. It's sad but we have a lot of undesirables in the service. This was done with his plan of weakening our military so the muslims can defeat us.

Anonymous said...

If you do this, be aware that the Army has instructed their recruiting offices to call local police and report anyone showing up for 'guard duty'.
Be sure you have your ccw and any other documentation you may need.