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Friday, July 24, 2015

Montgomery County final-exam failures continue

CHEVY CHASE, Md. — It’s just not adding up for students in Montgomery County.

Roughly three out of every four high school students in Montgomery County failed the Algebra 1 final exam last month. The Washington Post noted that that’s actually an improvement over last year, when 82 percent failed before the system added extra points to the scores that year.

There were no extra points on this year’s exam, which has seen modest improvements in some classes.

Since moving to a Common Core-based curriculum in geometry, the number of failing final exams in that class has declined from 68 percent last school year to 64 percent this year. But Algebra 2 final-exam failures climbed to 58 percent, from 54 percent the year before.



Anonymous said...

Go back to math the old way and see the scores rise.

Anonymous said...

It's because Algebra requires thinking skills. Thinking skills aren't taught anymore. It's all memorizing "to the test."
The for profit world of standardized tests has ruined the US public education system.

Anonymous said...

they should probably replace those mean tests with participation trophies :(

Anonymous said...

good ole' Common Core. don't you just love it. NO NO NO. we don't love it.

Anonymous said...

But they had 100% graduation rate, We are in deep trouble.

Anonymous said...

Unqualified union reps (not educated ) teaching thugs and you wonder why. Come on!!!! This crap has been going on for decade's and every year here we are wondering gee why is this happening? ??

Anonymous said...

Montgomery county is flush with immigrants that do not speak english. Now that algebra is the simplest math you can take now and common cores higher standards, and a large non english speaking population is a recipe for these results. Notice they talk about adding points. Minority students will be getting extra points to bring their scores up. Same way the colleges do for SAT scores for minority students. I work in education and it is a big joke. Scores are changed and/or made up all the time for these students to pass.