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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

The case for why Baltimore should pay murderous residents not to kill

It was early Thursday morning, and news of another killing had just arrived, this one more chilling than the others. There were two bodies. One was a young woman, aged 31. The other was her 7-year-old son. Both had been shot in the head. It wasn’t long before police and onlookers swarmed the West Baltimore street to bear witness to another grim annotation in the city’s skyrocketing murder toll.

“The screams I’m hearing right now as the bodies are removed from the house would rip your heart out,” one reporter wrote on Twitter.

Even in Baltimore, where killing is a distinct part of its urban reality, the weeks since Freddie Gray’s controversial death have been exceptionally grisly. To mark May’s passage was to count bullets and bodies. Around 10 people were shot dead the second week of the month, the most in a week in more than two years. Then it happened again the next week. And again the week after that. In all, 43 people were killed in May — the most in a single month in four decades.



Anonymous said...

Don't wast the taxpayers money - it's cheaper to let them kill each other!

Anonymous said...

Po Po ain't playin the "should I or shouldn't I?" game no mo.

Anonymous said...

I have to think the life skills, anger management, and education helped too.

Anonymous said...

Pay them not to kill?

Every last one of them will be trying to get on the "potential murderer" list, for the free cash as well as the street cred. An entire city, except for a handful of affluent residents, on welfare, and more being indiscriminately born every single day.

What happens when that stipend isn't enough for their lifestyle?

There are some valuable lessons to be learned from that experiment, regarding motivation and lack thereof. But I don't see it as an answer in itself.

Anonymous said...

Then everyone of us who isn't murdering anyone should be paid.

Anonymous said...

don't believe everything the media says.

Anonymous said...

Rite!!! I've been hearing about the murders, but I haven't been hearing about suspects being arrested. Makes me wonder who's actually doing the killings.

Anonymous said...

Black males usually.