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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Cop Who Told Teen His Parents Were Killed in Crash Attends Graduation

A Texas police officer is being widely praised after he attended the graduation ceremony of a high school boy whose parents were killed by an alleged drunk driver less than a week earlier.

Lt. Eric Ellison said one of the hardest things he’s ever had to do was to tell 18-year-old Kazzie Portie that both his parents, Riley and Emily Portie, of Orange County, had been killed in a car accident on May 24, a local ABC affiliate reported.

The driver of the other vehicle, Travis Collins, 29, is facing two charges of intoxication manslaughter.

Lt. Ellison said he attended Kazzie’s graduation from Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School as a show of support during the difficult time.

“I walked up on the stage he looked at me and I looked at him and we both cried and that’s OK,” the officer told ABC. “I told him ‘you’re going to walk and your folks are going to have a front row seat and I’m going to be there.’”

Lt. Ellison described the powerful moment when the teen walked across the stage and the two hugged — a scene captured in photos and videos that quickly went viral on social media.



Anonymous said...

GOD Bless both the graduate and the police officer. A gentle heart can turn away wrath and anger. What a powerful moment for both of them.

Anonymous said...

Where are the haters. I know you can not stand this. Libtards

Anonymous said...

This story makes me want to support warrantless searches on the side of the road to PREVENT drunk driving.