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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

America Is Being Run Just Like Baltimore

The Congressional Black Caucus is the most ridiculously corrupt part of an already corrupt Congress. A study two years ago found that a third of black congressmen had been named in an ethics probe during their careers. 5 of the 6 members under review by the House Ethics Committee that year were CBCers. In 2009, every single member of Congress under investigation was from the same old gang.

Like the Clinton Foundation, the CBC exists to trade money for influence. The Caucus takes in tens of millions from major corporations and spends it on parties for its members and funnels the rest into fake non-profits. Even the minority scholarships endowed with great ceremony as a way of providing opportunity to their underprivileged constituents have a way of going to their own children and friends.

The Congressional Black Caucus claims that it’s “the conscience of the Congress” when it’s actually the tip of a corrupt urban political machine that keeps black people in chains. Its members are lying idiots whose only response to criticism (including the ethics charges leveled against them) is to shout racism because that is the job they were chosen for by their real backers and masters.



Anonymous said...

Gonna get worse before it gets better!

Gerald said...

How come something like this is even allowed in America? With this kind of S*&T is it any wonder the country is divided by color? It truly is a "Us vs Them" country. Where is the outrage at such a blatant discriminatory collection of misfits? Lets put together an all "White people Caucus" and a "United White Persons College fund", or a "White Peoples Entertainment" network. Talk about whom is "Racist", just look at the names of their organizations!

Anonymous said...

They are liars. Remember how they stood up on the floor of the Capital doing the Hands Up lie and the one who wore the Hoodie to make a point on the floor.
They lie. They have an inherent trait which restricts them from telling the truth.
Then they all wonder why their young people are killing each other in record numbers. When the so called "leaders" and the adult lie incessantly the children learn to lie and honesty is the basic pillar of a civil society. When that pillar goes the whole society becomes chaotic.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere there is color, there is overwhelming pestilence, corruption and murder.
AND democrats!!

Anonymous said...

Finally, a journalist unafraid to speak the truth! I am sure he will be labeled a racist. Anyone who speaks the truth about black people usually is. And I am not saying all black people are the same, but the ones he talks about are the definition of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

And is anybody surprised at what's happening in the USA
especially due to the liberal leadership and racist bashing of whites???