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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pakistan heat wave death toll spikes towards 450

Paramilitary forces set up emergency medical camps in Karachi ahead of expected break in sweltering conditions.

A heat wave has killed almost 450 people in Pakistan's south over the past three days, with paramilitary forces beginning to set up emergency medical camps in the streets, health officials have said.

Most of the deaths have been in the southern port city of Karachi where temperatures in the surrounding Sindh province reached up to 45C on Saturday.

Hospitals have been swamped with people suffering from heatstroke and dehydration, while repeated power outages have left many without air conditioning or running water.

The electricity grid, run by a private company, K-electric, has been overwhelmed as people switch on fans and air conditioners, and as families begin to cook at the same time during the month of Ramadan.


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