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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cornell West: Blacks Afraid to Take on White Supremacy

Black people, including President Barack Obama, are afraid to take on the issue of white supremacy, professor Cornell West said on Monday.

West, appearing on "CNN Newsroom," was reacting to Obama's use of the N-word on a Marc Maron podcast.

Obama said that though race relations have come a long way since the civil rights era, society is not yet cured of racism, "And it's not just a matter of it not being polite to say [N-word] in public."



Anonymous said...

I truly agree with this 100%.

Anonymous said...

White supremacy? ?? What the hell are you talking about? ? Payed my own tuition. Bought my own house. Buy my own food. Pay my own bills. Take responsibility for my actions.
Not white supremacy more like black supremacy.
Obama get elected by a white millionaire. Obama keeps an image thru a white millionaire news outlet.
I love how the blacks don't mind taking a white man's money when it is convenient for them. Then talk trash about him when it's not.
I'll be damn if I'm going to allow anyone to belittle me for being white! !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you just belittled yourself, evidently you don't know how things works just your comment along "Black people don't mind taking the White Mans Money " So its the White mans Money Is there another kind of money we should use or is this money we use just for White People?

Anonymous said...

You must really think your soon intelligent? ? Let me enlighten you professor. Typical libatard that you are twist words to better fit your opinion. It's so obvious it's laughable that you think your so smart with your 4 year HS DEGREE. Now give mommy back her labtop and brush your teeth kiddo.