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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Obama Now Claiming that 70,000 Americans Will Die Because of Global Warming

Obama just disgorged a new “report” on global warming in which he claims 70,000 Americans will die from global warming and the change in the climate will cost the US$34 billion in coping costs.

This absurd prediction was reported today by the AP

Failure to act on climate change could cause an estimated 57,000 deaths in the United States from poor air quality by 2100, the Obama administration argued in a new report Monday that warns of dire effects of global warming.

The report underscores the costs of inaction on climate change as well as the benefits from taking action now. The administration estimates that 12,000 people in 49 U.S. cities could die from extreme temperatures in 2100.

…The report says actions to slow climate change could save about $3.1 billion in expected costs from sea-level rise and storm surge in 2100, while the power sector could save as much as $34 billion by 2050 in avoided costs for additional electricity for air conditioning and other uses.

An estimated $3 billion in avoided damages from poor water quality could be saved by 2100, the report said.



Anonymous said...




The sky IS really falling!

We're all gonna die, but I'm going to live through it!

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

When will this clown shoe end????

Anonymous said...

until they quit dispersing chem trails in the atmosphere, there is absolutely nothing any one can do

Anonymous said...

If everyone, who is still employed that is, would fill out a new W4 and have no taxes taken out of their pay, in essence stop paying income taxes, I'm pretty damn sure we'd get someone's attention. Alas though, that has as much chance of happening as 70k people dying from global warming.

Anonymous said...

Funny how they look for a heat wave to occur while announcing this. Did they say where we could go besides the US to avoid dying?

Look out said...

Executive Order coming...

Anonymous said...

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore"

Anonymous said...

Doesn't he need a Solid Waste Remediation Plan on file before disgorging this much BS?

Anonymous said...

He's so F O S, it stinks. What a P O S!