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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

PROOF that the US peaked during Ronald Reagan’s presidency

On March 16, 1936, the government of the United States published the very first edition of the Federal Register.

President Roosevelt had been taking a lot of heat over the previous year; under his New Deal program, dozens of government agencies were passing new rules, regulations, and codes at an absolutely feverish pace.

It became impossible for anyone to keep track of them—even the other agencies within the government.

So in the summer of 1935 they created a new law requiring every executive agency to publish a daily, official record of their activities.

This official record was called the Federal Register. And it would contain a complete set of every rule, regulation, code, and proposal issued by each of the executive agencies.

The first edition was published on March 16, 1936. It was sixteen pages.

Every single work day since then, without fail, the government has published the Federal Register.



Anonymous said...

You'd think that it would be good bedtime reading, but it isn't.
Pick a section at random, read a while and you'll be bound to find some disturbing item that will keep you awake all night.

Anonymous said...

"...Each and every one of these obscure regulations COSTS MONEY."
Keep electing democrats and this is what you get.