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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Gas Jumps 10 Cents in Past Week

Last week was a little more painful at the pump than drivers have been used to in 2015 as prices rose anywhere from eight to 10 cents a gallon. Experts said we could climb toward some of the highest prices of the year by May 1.

This is because some gas stations are still in the process of changing from winter blend to more expensive summer blend gas.



Anonymous said...

they are in the "process" of screwing the public again. Watch their 1st quarter profits this summer - BILLIONS of dollars. It all comes down to greed. Always has been, always will be. Unfortunately, THAT is the American way.

Anonymous said...

659-Oil/gas companies have very low margins, in the 3-4% range. Compare that to nearly any other industry, and it'll be way, way, way down towards the bottom of the list based on profit margins.

btw, the 1st quarter doesn't include the summer months...

Anonymous said...

8:40am you sound like an apologist. Are there any other atrocities you want to explain away? Dirty cops, slavery the holocaust? You are a moron.

The oil industry is sitting on the most processed oil this country has ever seen. Yet once the price hit "rock bottom" there has been a not so slow but steady increase in pricing ever since. And here is your daily economics lesson. When your supply greatly out weighs your demand prices are supposed to drop not increase. Furthermore the low margins you speak have not effected the oil industries ability to make record profits in the slightest. So if things are so bad for big oil why are they some of the richest d-bags on the planet? I say its because of people like you that have no clue, are no informed yet think their opinion means anything. They happily go to the voting booth after they swallow the propaganda hook line and sinker.

We need a better informed citizenry but the powers that be are also trying to stop that by controlling the internet by "influencing" aka coercing and threatening companies like google to take down sites "that are not truthful".

Keep using your lizard brain for nothing more than stuffing your face and breathing.

Anonymous said...

Blend this ! they said last fall the price went up because the winter blend was more expensive than the summer blend. now just the opposite? blend this!!!!

ginn said...

These are the same people that are suppressing alternative energy sources like LENR and Overunity.
As 6:59AM said, "It all comes down to greed."

Concerned Retiree said...

This is a pure example of the MONOPOLY the oil industry has and is allowed to have by our Federal Government. It has been like that for decades.
The maintenance and change over has been completed. This is a way of spreading BS.
The price jumps 10 cents this week drops 6 cents week then Up 10 cents the following week proves there is a monopoly follow that with the price per barrel is not fluctuating and at the price when we had $1.75 per gallon. and the oil companies raises the price at will with no justification.
As for as the profit margin, it is set by the federal Government and allows a very high profit for the oil industry.