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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maryland, D.C. rank among worst states for doctors

WASHINGTON — Some states are more appealing to doctors than others because of the cost of living, the wages, the hospital networks and opportunity. However, a recent report showed local states and the District of Columbia may not fare well when it comes to wooing white coats.

Maryland ranked near the bottom of the list — No. 46 — on WalletHub’s list of the best states for doctors. D.C. ranked No. 40 and Virginia came in near the middle of the pack at No. 19.

Dr. Emily Dow, chief medical officer of the Family Health Centers and professor at University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine, says it’s important for states to be attractive to doctors so they can bring in talented physicians and achieve quality care for patients. Still, every state should be afforded quality care, she says.



Anonymous said...

No surprise there. Salisbury really brings down the ranking.

Anonymous said...

Prmc had a surgeon mess up my surgery. Two days before corrective surgery I was cancelled. Turns out the Dr. Took a leave. Wrong ! He just quit packed and moved. Turns out his license was suspended and had multiple malpractice suits. Prmc never checked his credentials! He moves from town to town doing this until caught. Then nobody else wanted to work on me due to his hands being in me first. Total nightmare that's cost me my lively hood. I may never be able to walk right again but I drive some real nice vehiclesvto my new mini mansion!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to have your estate in order if you enter PRMC.

Anonymous said...

1:39-I'm sure we all have an "estate" to get in order.Most of us are living check to check.

Anonymous said...

PRMC is a nightmare, and that includes the nurses too. If someone you love is ever admitted there, make sure someone stays the night with them or they could die.

I am proof of that.

Anonymous said...

only those who can't get in better hospitals come here...a lot of forieners.