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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Epidemic of Police Misconduct That No One Is Talking About

Violent police are increasingly criticized for everything from killing dogs to shooting the homeless and beating the mentally ill. These abuses of power are disturbing and desperately need attention. One under-discussed problem with police accountability (or lack thereof), however, is police irresponsibility while driving.

Stories about drunk officers driving the wrong direction on freeways and hitting civilians or soberly ramming into pedestrians are not uncommon. This week alone, three cops caused mayhem and fatalities on the road.

In New Jersey, a car of off-duty officers (who had posted a picture of whiskey shots to Instagram earlier that evening) drove the wrong direction on a freeway, killing a civilian and one of the officers in the vehicle. Two other officers were critically injured. The driving officer had a previous DUI and 8 prior accidents on record. The Police Chief of Linden, James Schulhafer, was vague in his comments, saying “We were all young once and I’m sure we’ve all done stupid things in our life.”



lmclain said...

Not only was he wearing his seat belt, but he was wearing an item even more important ---- the "I can get away with anything" badge.
Vehicular homicide while DUI.
PRISON (mandatory in many states!) for "we, the people".
A "youthful mistake" if you have one of those badges. And it helps, of course, to have a very sympathetic Police Chief and State's Attorney.
Servin' and protectin'. Themselves.
Keep cheering.

Jack K Richards said...

As a former LEO I detest the actions of many of my Brothers, but given the number of LEOs nationwide, the very vast number are doing their job in a very conscientious & dedicated manner. I usually have a great deal of patience for idiots but the above poster uses them all. My mail wish would be that he would need the assistance of an LEO and no one would show up. Handle it yourself idiot. Would also love to know about your rap sheets

Anonymous said...

Jack jack jack..... The majority of officers walk the line? Every cop who ever wrote a ticket has violated two laws at a minimum to write for one violation. Every cop will tell you they're specially trained to drive while on the phone driving 80 mph in bad weather. And we do handle crimes buy ourselves. Cops show up after the crime and take reports. Leaving the victim to deal with the incident and mental effects of the perp . rap sheets? You cops would have the worst driving records if you were held accountable. And many leos should be arrested for half the shit they do. Times have changed. Kids no longer play cops n robbers. They despiese cops. Police aren't acting in the ways they used to. And you sir are no dummy. You have the ability to speak up now. Your retired with nothing to loose except friends! You have the chance to make our community safer, Cops to become loved and people to trust law enforcement again. Speak up sir. Tell the truth about policing. Or are you afraid of your " friends"?

Anonymous said...

Well Jack, most people have been brainwashed into thinking they need the police. In my 40 years on this earth I cant think of instance that I or anyone I know has needed the police. See the "need" that you are describing is one of a person being in mortal danger. Those instances are so few and far between that I find it difficult to even find them. However due to government interference we "need" the police to file reports so that we can go on record for certain things. That's about it in my experience.

Police are little more than record keepers with an inflated sense of purpose and a willingness to commit crimes against the same people they claim to protect. It all sounds like an abusive relationship to me.

lmclain said...

Jack, Jack, more attention.
I have NO criminal or civil record. I guess that includes a "rap sheet".
Homeowner. Full time job (17 years same place). Not even a point on my license. Credit is R1 for five pages....
That being said, I've said several times that the police are a NECSSITY in society. We need them. But they have forgotten their place and the evidence is overwhelming. To deny the THOUSANDS upon thousands of video's, court records, testimony, and even police records themselves, is more of a testament about your personal devotion than a recognition of facts.
And no, I don't call the police. Ever. They aren't the only ones who can take care of themselves and I'm joined by MILLIONS who think the same way.
If I hit a nerve with any truth, sorry. It was the Chief who minimized his officer's culpability in a DUI death. "We, the people" know we would never get something like that minimized.
Quite the opposite. And it happens every day across the country and if you haven't been paying attention, it's starting to really irritate the common folk. A LOT. Did that sentiment just appear among the populace in a vacuum??
Equal justice for all. That's a concept you wish to dispute??
Lastly, since you detest those bad LEO's, tell me how many you reported for crimes, such as assaulting a prisoner or suspect?

Anonymous said...

Jack, you don't seem to 'detest' anyone except the average citizen. You repeat that same old worn out bs line about how if someone doesn't like what the police do, or speaks up about the kops bad, illegal, immoral behavior, these same kops should just shirk their duty and not do their job.

YOU are just as guilty as any of the other 'rare' bad apples. What a joke.

If these 'bad apples' were so rare, why haven't they been weeded out by the multitudes of honest, compassionate, dedicated and professional heros in blue?

If anyone does not speak out and take some form of action against evil, they are in fact cooperating with it.

And furthermore, I would suggest that you were/are in league with the bad cops, just by your comments and attitude.

Go open a bar. Isn't that what all you retired kops do, when you're not beating on your spouses?