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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Apparently this Cop has Never Heard of YouTube OR the First Amendment, Now He Will


lmclain said...

The cop went from 5'5" to 6'5" in a split second.
Of course the ONLY time "we the people" get illegally beaten, robbed, or killed is when it's "on camera".
The rest of the time, all police are perfect angels, yes sir this and no ma'am that, helping motorists, and saving kittens.
I'm sure he was "afraid", which is carte blanche for him to assault a citizen, damage property, and teach one more citizen who the real servants are.
Perhaps if citizens stopped filming, they would stop beating, robbing, killing, and generally act like they know SOMETHING about the law.
Ok. I made that last part up.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

All cops are bad, and overreach, until YOU need one. Keep going people, it'll be Marshal law one day when the cops are gone.

Anonymous said...

lmao at 9:21! everyone knows you ain't rushing over unless it's one of your boys in blue or your own family. The rest of us are on our own. Not only do we now have to worry about the criminals we also now have to worry about you freaking idiots thinking you are our masters! Get over yourself already! and don't worry I won't be calling,

Anonymous said...

I guess that this cop didn't get the memo.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to call a cop like this when needed? Actually cops are more likely to arrest you the caller as well as the perp.yup martial law. Sounds good. Let's vote for him! I think martial law makes me safer.

Anonymous said...

9:21AM, Martial law is opening day of the season.

Anonymous said...

Opening day? For when our citizens take back our country? When the police come to brutalize citizens and are killed? Think they're being ambushed now? Let martial law hit and we will see what local cops really have balls! Guarantee they will cower afraid for their lives! The game changes officers when martial law hits. That means we the people have had enough and are fighting. Not your typical 5 on 1 you know. That you abuse every day. It will be hundreds and thousands against your department. Your toys can only stop so many before the crowd gets you. Keep treating martial law officers pray for it. I do!

Steve said...

Remember Cliven Bundy of Nevada standoff. The cops' balls finally shrunk up and they backed down to go home safe.

This will happen many more times in the future, and our lesson will help us resist and win.