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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Maryland Business Leaders Urged To Volunteer In Schools

As Maryland students return to school, a growing number of professionals are also finding themselves back in the classroom. The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education(MBRT), a nonprofit coalition of employers, is continuing its award-winning Maryland Scholars Speakers Bureau and STEM Specialists in the Classroom programs, and is recruiting new volunteers for the 2014-15 school year.

MBRT’s Maryland Scholars Speakers Bureau includes volunteers of various backgrounds and professions who speak with students on the connection between educational achievement and workplace success. The STEM Specialists in the Classroom program offers professionals from science, technology, engineering and math fields, federal agencies and higher education the opportunity to co-teach lessons illustrating the real-world application of STEM skills.

“We want Maryland students to lead the nation—indeed, the world—in STEM capability, ensuring high-level employability for our students and economic prosperity for the state,” June Streckfus, MBRT Executive Director, said in a statement. “Decisions students make in high school affect the rest of their lives. Research shows that the more students interact with workplace professionals while in high school, the more money they earn after they graduate.”



JoeAlbero said...

Should this Blogger join? LOL We can talk about exposing the TRUTH about BOE credit card spending and accountability. What say you Dr. Fredericksen?

Anonymous said...

They should volunteer and tell the kids how crappy Maryland is to businesses.