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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tim Tebow’s Surprise for Teen With Life-Threatening Illness ‘Made Her Dreams Come True’

Former NFL player Tim Tebow surprised a 15-year-old girl battling a life-threatening illness with a trip to Arizona to meet meet him — but that wasn’t all.

“Haley’s journey to meet Tim began with a simple wish, and like all W15H experiences, became a completely customized trip full of exciting adventures,” Tebow’s foundation said in a statement unveiling a video documenting the teen’s experience.

Tebow paid for Haley Burke, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and her family to fly from Virginia and stay in the presidential suite of a Scottsdale resort for four days.



Anonymous said...

This guy would be playing for me if I owned a team. What a class act, unlike the NFL owners. This is a 2 time NCAA National Chanpion for crying out loud. RG111 has a job and he doesn't? What a crock.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if this will be on MSNBC,CNN or the three other news stations.

Anonymous said...

They don't like him because he loves God and isn't ashamed of it.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Tim Tebow fan. I first heard about Tim Tebow like most other Americans because of his time as the Denver Broncos QB. But because he is true to himself, his beliefs, and acts such as the one described in this story is why I continue to be a Tim Tebow fan, NFL or not.

Anonymous said...

Tim Tebow is a class act and we have criminal like Cam Newton Playing and being a roll model.

I think we should revive the cop hater thieving thug Michal Brown and make him a football player for all the sheeple to adore. I bet he hasn't seen God yet.

Anonymous said...

4:10 No one has seen him.

Anonymous said...

7:52 you are wrong. You see him everyday when you look in the mirror. When you see a baby smile. The wind blowing in the trees. The grass under your feet. Trust me he is here. Man fails one another. God never does.