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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ben Carson on Struggles of Black Community: 'It's Not a Racial Thing, It's a Social Thing'

On Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” former Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon Ben Carson discussed his debate with Jesse Jackson that had occurred over on last weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday.”

Host Bill O’Reilly suggested Carson had been “generous” in his debate with Jackson. However, although Carson argued that it was important to recognize the contributions of civil rights leaders, the challenges facing the black community today are different than they were during the civil rights era.

“[T]he fact of the matter is that he and a number of other people of all races put a lot on the line,” Carson said of Jackson. “They risked a lot. But you know, that was a long time ago I do appreciate all there’s that people make. People were thrown in jail. People were killed. Lots of problems. I think perhaps we wouldn't be where we are today if people hadn't done that. However, we have a very different problem today. The problem today is a social problem. It’s not so much a racial problem.”



Anonymous said...

Carson is a very bright man and it concerns me that he is singing that same ole tired song. If Ferguson were to be called a racial issue in this country it would hurt him when he runs for political office (after all he is a black man). White America is fed up with the old out of date money mongers who show up every time there is racial tension. Jackson was Booed by his own race in Ferguson when he asked for money. Carson is attempting to tip his hat to Jackson while distancing himself at the same time. LIKE get out of the pond but keep your toes in the waters edge. Well...I think most of the country is ready to move on and get beyond the bad taste in our mouths that this bunch have left over the years by screaming race but I do not believe it can be done by putting lipstick on the pig.

Anonymous said...

656, I think I disagree with you on this. Mr. Carson has hit the nail on the head calling this a social problem and not a racial one. There has to come a realization of this before things begin to get better.

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans stand any chance in the 2016 election they do not need Ben Carson running for president. Some people will simply not vote for the man because he is black and coming off the disaster we have had during the last presidency I believe we need a candidate with far more credentials for the position. If Romney runs he will stand a much better chance of success due to what this country is lacking....his economic skills and the ability to clean up the mess. Dr. Carson is a fine person and I hope he replaces the current administrations black ambassadors such as Jackson and Sharpton.