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Friday, June 20, 2014

Wicomico Tightens Special Event Alcohol Policies

SALISBURY – Following an internal audit of cash and alcohol handling at Wicomico County festivals, more strict policies have been put in place regarding the sampling of alcohol.

A resolution adopting the Wicomico County Festivals Cash and Alcoholic Beverage Handling Audit report came before the Wicomico County Council on Tuesday morning for approval.

The resolution states, “under County Charter, the Internal Auditor is charged with the duty to report on internal accounting controls, administrative and operating practices and procedures, and other pertinent financial and compliance matters within Wicomico County, and that the Internal Auditor has submitted a report for the County Council’s consideration that focuses on the policies and procedures of handling cash and alcoholic beverages at County festivals, as well as the level of compliance with those procedures and controls.”



Anonymous said...

A 3 ounce glass for beer tasting? Ok thanks county my group is out. We have been every year and never seen an issue at the good beer festival, in fact many of us bring our kids. We used to bring the dog but they stopped allowing that as well. We will look for a beer festival that treats adults like adults. Reason #287 we are considering moving to the Carolina's.

Anonymous said...

There are no incidents at the smaller events that I know of and the county run by dumbocrats has to pass a new law, rule or regulation a day so this is what they come up with? Perhaps next a new tax on the events that helps pay for the real drinkers that would be the folks at the Board of ED witnessed by the bills we've seen here of late. What a joke and we thought Barry Tilghman was bad! LOL

Anonymous said...

I am not sure how this will directly reduce emissions. Also.. a break because I live close to work, to encourage me to drive even less?... definitely not voting for that moron.

wouldn't it be easier to just tell me what car I buy off the government list of approved vehicles?

Anonymous said...

Not a big beer drinker so won't be inconvenienced. Wasn't inspired to attend since cost of admission was stiff (pun intended) compared to how much I might consume.

But since the article states that pouring brew into tiny containers is problematical (guessing lots of foam and little fluid) looks like they are sowing seeds of beer festival's demise.

As a patron, why bother?

As a vendor, why bother if prospective customers can't really get a sense of what makes your brew special?

Some bright soul will get the OK for a like event near the same date in an adjacent county or state and put them out of 'business'.

Just like Poke In The Park is pricing itself.

Greedy bureaucrats.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord -- these comments are so dumb made by people who don't understand the laws. This is not a law by local dumbocrats. It's a STATE LAW and the local dumbocrats have to follow it. Think before you type another comment. Or better yet, don't make any more dumb comments.