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Friday, June 20, 2014

Weekend Route 1 Tolls Will Increase $1

Starting in July, the weekend toll on Route 1 at Biddle's and Dover toll plazas will increase by $1 to $3.

The weekend toll per passenger vehicle is $2 from Friday night to Sunday night, but those tolls will increase to $3 sometime next month.

The increase is expected to bring an additional $10 million annually to state transportation coffers.

Under state law, the Delaware Department of Transportation can raise tolls on its own authority. Even so, the move was not made without Bond Bill Committee approval and consultation with the General Assembly, said Geoff Sundstrom, DelDOT spokesman.



Anonymous said...

Really...I thought slots was so important.... No wait we need table wait let's raise weekend tolls to $ wait...

Anonymous said...

hello rt. 13. I visit a friend in Newark De once in a while and that will be a $12.00 round trip in tolls for a drive from Dover to Newark. what is all the gas tax for?... section 8 and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

If anyone has been on route 1 lately you can see that their idea of maintenance is lacking. they do not even trim the growth in the median. the roadway is uneven and horrible to ride on
So what are the spending the money on?

lmclain said...

More taxes, fees, fines, surcharges, and tolls. They can't stop. Literally. If they do, all hell breaks loose.
It doesn't matter WHO you vote for, they gotta do it.
History shows there is but one outcome.