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Friday, June 20, 2014

Paul Ryan Obliterates IRS Official


Anonymous said...

Obama say you raciest

Anonymous said...

doesnt matter if we believe them or not...thats not what court is all about. but you know who DOES have those emails? NSA. think theyll step up? yeah, me neither.

Anonymous said...

The whole fallacy of the claim by the IRS is that the Email reside only in one computer hard drive.
In fact anyone who sent of received the email would have a copy and the email server that was used to send and receive the emails would also have copies.
If you have ever worked in a large organization and lost your computer or had a hard drive failure, the I.T. people in the company will get you a replacement with all your Emails restored (In a new/different computer) fairly quickly.
In fact Sarbanes/Oxley requires it.
This is just more lies and deceit by Democrats that think laws don't apply to them.

Anonymous said...

Agreed and why Ryan said what he did about IT. This is making us the laughingstock of the IT world about now!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 437. The anchor of dignity. Once it's out there, it's out there! I'm not a computer guru, but after a crash, I was able to put my old hard drive in a usb and using outlook get all my old mail back.

And I'm a 60 year old geezer! Too bad these young bucks claim ignorance in this talent, conveniently.

You young bastards think you can pull this crap over on us, well, you're just plain wrong!