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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Gunfire at High School In Oregon

Breaking: Police have responded to reports of gunfire at Reynolds High School In Oregon. Students have been evacuated.
It is being reported now that the shooter is dead 
CLICK HERE to watch live coverage


Anonymous said...

Does a day ever pass when a shooting does not occur somewhere in the US? Mass shooting that is

Anonymous said...

1256, um, yes, most all do.

Anonymous said...

12:56 You've been brainwashed... congratulations!

350+ days pass... And this seems like a revenge thing, but we'll wait for the news to make 20+ wrong reports, before we may get an answer. Doubt they'll report what meds he was on, and blame an inanimate object, or video games.

Anonymous said...

1:20. I'd say most do not. This is the 74th school shooting since Sandy Hook. Doesn't even begin to count the non- school shootings.