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Monday, April 28, 2014

Press Tries to Discredit Conservatives With Cliven Bundy, Ignores Large Dem Donor Convicted of Brutal Domestic Abuse

The press and the left are trying to pretend that Cliven Bundy, the Republican Party, and conservatism are all one and the same, despite no evidence of that being the case, because of intemperate things Mr. Bundy has said. Meanwhile, there is deafening silence over the very real actions of Gurbaksh Chahal, a significant Democratic Party donor who has expressed solidarity with liberalism and the Democratic Party with his mouth and his wallet.

Bundy has made arguably racist remarks. Chahal, who has donated over $108,000 to the Democratic Party and Democrat politicians — including President Barack Obama — during the past several years, has been "filmed hitting and kicking his girlfriend 117 times in (a) brutal 30-minute attack," but was somehow "sentenced to just 25 hours community service," largely because the judge involved "ruled the video inadmissible as the San Francisco Police Department had obtained it without a warrant" (for real-world purposes, note that he didn't describe it as inauthentic). Let's demonstrate the double standard by looking at the results of two searches done shortly after 11 p.m. on Thursday.



Anonymous said...

"pretend that Cliven Bundy, the Republican Party, and conservatism are all one and the same"

??? There was a conservative media blitz of this story along with plenty of "the left won't cover this" accusations up until the race comments came out. I hope you people see that the right-wing media and pundits are full of just as much crap as the left-wing media and pundits. Your best bet is to analyze the facts for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Who is defending Chahal or his actions? Chahal is a criminal and no one is making him out to be some kind of hero.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the email asking me to to rally at Chahal's penthouse?
No one is trying to make a hero out of this scum.