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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sheriff’s Office Requests Funding Increases

Sheriff Reggie Mason is asking for a 12 percent increase for his fiscal year 2015 budget.

If the Worcester County Commissioners grant his request, his office would have a budget of $6.99 million, an increase of $752,041 over the current budget of $6.28 million.

That requested increase includes $189,535 for salaries for additional deputies, part-time employees and increased hours for school safety deputies, $121,795 for law enforcement maintenance, supplies and equipment and $431,157 for new vehicles.

The biggest portion of the requested budget for personnel, $5.33 million, is 4 percent higher than the current $5.13 million and is expected to continue to grow in future years.



Anonymous said...

We need the national guard here on the shore.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Mason I hope they give you what ever you need to fight crime. As we all know crime is a cancer. All this violence will make it your way soon sir. Salisbury City has become a jungle. I remember when I came to Wicomico County thirty years ago. I lived in Parsonsburg in a modest home. We slept with all the windows open in the summer and spring. My family felt safe there and for good reason they were safe. I enjoyed being able to go to Joe Hollway's store. You could buy ammunition,scrapple, and rent a video lol. Oh yea almost any screw or nail you needed as well lol. I knew my neighbors. Most people owned the home they lived in.

Well folks those days are quickly leaving us. As we have all witnessed in the last months people are becoming more villent. The police have had to raise the level of action to meet this violence head on.

We need to watch eachothers 6. That is a saying used buy soldiers for over one hundred years. 12 o'clock is right in front of you. Your six is your back. I dont when when or why people stopped caring. We exist day to day. The quality of life is falling at a rapid pace. It is heart breaking.

I think here in Wicomico County we need to besome whole again. It seems that we do not have eachothers six. The people and our elected politicians need to become one. This is one of the best places in the world to live. We have it all. You can be at the beach in no time. You can be on the rivers fishing. We have a ball club and awesome stadium. We have a couple of great colleges.

What we need is for ALL of us to become one. Anyone who thinks it will get better without the efforts of every walk of life is wrong. The future is bleak.

I say lets become the beacon of the shore. We need to rebuild and think our future. Stop thinking in the here and now. Think about our children the children they will have. We owe it to ourselves and our children. We all need to become involved.

It is sad that most of those released by E.C.I. will saty here on the shore. The recitvism rate among those released in our community has to be at least 80%. So 8 out of 10 criminals we as a society will deal with again. That means some of us will fall victim to these predators. It may be a higher rate those numbers are the ones stupid enough to get caught again.

All I am asking is have eacothers 6. That goes for the council, B.O.E., the Exectutive, Corrections, all local law enforcement,county services,but most of all we the people. Its time to be that person. Stop complaining and make change. If we dont this cancer will spread and we all know cancers kill.

Joe you too are responsible. There are a lot of people that follow your lead. Try becoming more of a positive activist. I think it is time to create a community council with all walks that has some kind of voice. Anyone arrogant enough to think this will solve itself is so wrong. We need eachother. We need to clean up our little piece of this world. I am sorry I cant worry about the rest just us right now. Time to become a community that cares.

Have a Delmarvalous Day.

Anonymous said...

12:17 nice read and good ideas but you must be naive! This isn't just happening here in Salisbury, it's all over the country. most of the world for a matter of fact. and just like a cancer it has to and will run it's course. You are right about watching each others backs, but it's gonna get worse before it gets better. And letting the kops become judge jury and executioner will only hasten the day it comes to a head.

Anonymous said...

Here goes pollitt.

Anonymous said...

12:42 true in a lot of repects. I do think the movement has to start somewhere. I remember a young girl murdered in Wicomico County a few Chritmas' ago. I was proud to be a part of such a tradgic event. It was by far and I hope the worse Christmas of my life. This young girl was raped and murdered as her Christmas presents sat under the tree at home. The nation watched as we struggles through it.

I saw every type of person under the sun giving up the holiday for someone else. People from as far away as North Carolina. I saw every econimic class there was searching. Police and Fire going days without sleep. Some sleeping on the floor of Perdue Stadium. Joe Albero out all hours of the night and day. Joe was keeping the community informed with up to the minute reports.

It is sad that it took this horric event to see that type of brotherly love. The bottom line is there is a war between good and evil. Yes it is that basic. One will either do the right thing or the wrong thing. We are all so worried about the pennies in the coffer that we forget about humanity and humility.

I am not saying we should all be Gahndi lol. Just watch out for one another. Tell the facts where they need to be told. The Rainy Day Funds are there. Well folks it pouring out. There are so many diversions in the media we dont see the forrest for the trees.

Forty million new Americans on food stamps in the last three years. I see thsome of these people driving Esclades for God's sake. Who is keeping watch. Hundreds of thousands on SSI disability out water sking. These funds could do so much more. 600 Billion dollars just pledged to keep rebuilding Afganistan. Contractors there becoming multi-millionaires. Does this not bother anyone else.

There is a war being fought and we can stick our heads in the ground and become defeitist or we as a free man fight for what is right.

The statement about the police is liberal rhetoric. They are doing the best then can to stem the tide of the drug crazed people that prey upon us and our property daily. This drug movement has no color barriers they of all walks of life. That is one of the biggest burdens on law enforcement budgets across the nation. The gangs are in the business of seizing the moment. They are organized and nothing more then domestic terrorist and in my mind and should be treated as such.

The white collar criminals are no better. They are preying upon our system just as the gangs. there are attorneys guaranteing they can and will get you disability. There are tax attorneys constantly filing false returns.

Who is watching our tax dollars. When is the last time anyone read an article about welfare fruad in court. You dont. I think there is one investigator for three counties. It has become the norm to defruad the system.

I am just saying the war needs to start block by block. Then town by town. Why not enact laws in Wicomico County that vigorously pursues these criminals. Fund our own battle. Then maybe just maybe others will follow suit. I can not just sit back and watch our great nation go the crap. Remember if one person is still on the battle field fighting then the war is still on. People need to become active in the community and it politics.

I guess we could just sit on our hands like some of the silver spoons we have elected. Thay have all the fat they need to get by trust me and it came from you and I.

Time for change.

Anonymous said...

3:30 the war you speak of is the one our own government is waging against us!

Anonymous said...

Way over paid you shouldn't get rich on the tax payers sweat.