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Saturday, March 29, 2014


Renews calls for federal prosecutor to investigate influence of large corporate donors in procurement process

Annapolis, Md.
– Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron George has issued the following statement regarding the O'Malley/Brown administration's decision to abandon the Maryland Health Exchange for a Connecticut model.

“We cannot allow the O'Malley/Brown administration to get away with wiping this scandal under the rug and forget that over $260 million taxpayer dollars were doled out to large corporate special interests in exchange for a broken website. The Maryland Health Exchange never stood a chance because the administration approached the Affordable Care Act as a pile of federal money they could convert into favors for political allies and donors. We have been taken to the cleaners by these vendors.

"I ask the Attorney General to take the primary contractors, including prolific O'Malley/Brown donors Maximus Inc, to court to win back our wasted taxdollars. As a sitting delegate, I call on the Department of Justice to appoint a federal prosecutor to begin investigations into how these vendors contracts were procured and at what stage these vendors knew the exchange was never going to effiectively operate. The citizens of Maryland deserve a full and thorough investigation into the collapse of our state exchange."


Anonymous said...

And in spite of all the evidence, Marylanders will continue to vote Democrat, one party state. I have no more faith or hope in this state.

Anonymous said...

Exactly 11:26..this behaviour is common practice state and locally..i am moving accountabilty and an open peoples checkbook for their buddies....crooks run this state....

Anonymous said...

He can call for all he wants and while he is at it ask for 'water to be turned to wine'. The $260 million is only a drop in the bay of mismanagement by O Malley and the democrats running (ruining) what was once a beautiful state. We are no longer 'America in Minature'! We have become a state divided into three areas western, eastern and metropolitan and all that matters to the political machine is how much can we take from the western and eastern areas to put into the metro area!

Anonymous said...

omally and brown need to be on their knees on a daily basis thanking God that those who vote for them are dumber than they are. They are 2 ignorant SOB's and that's putting it mildly.
It wasn't even 4 months ago that CT lawmakers were wanting to question the head of their state's exchange for it's failures and now the simple SOB's in MD want to pay for CT's model?
I am so fed up with democrats. they can all go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Not a one is worth a damm.