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Friday, February 28, 2014

TRAFFIC ALERT - Update Of Tina Fallon/Woodland Ferry

Seaford -- The Department of Transportation (DelDOT) reminds motorists that the Tina Fallon/Woodland Ferry vessel was closed for service on October 1, 2013 for the inspection of the ferry by the U. S. Coast Guard, as well as extended maintenance service. The contractor for the work was General Ship Repair Corp.

The U. S. Coast Guard inspection involved placing the vessel in a dry dock facility where the engine, hull, gates, hydraulic system, fuel system, bilge and fire suppression systems were all checked. The inspection found no serious or unexpected issues on the vessel. The necessary maintenance work which included painting was performed, but the pace has been hampered by extreme weather this winter.

DelDOT anticipates at least two weeks of preparation and testing, and a final U.S. Coast Guard inspection before placing it back in service for motorists. Now that the vessel is back at the crossing, we will be doing our best to have it operating for citizens before the end of March.

Motorists must continue to use alternative routes to reach points between Laurel and Seaford, such as taking Seaford Road/Alternate Route 13 to Route 20/Stein Highway to Sussex Avenue to Woodland Road and then to Woodland Ferry Road. The reverse of this detour applies travelling from Seaford to Laurel.


Anonymous said...

I can't think of a more undependable piece of machinery on the shore! If that thing runs 3 months out of a year, it will be a record!

Anonymous said...

They need a bridge here ! Com on man.

Anonymous said...

Definitely don't need or want a bridge! Too much traffic now. That ferry is one of the oldest in the nation, lots of history and light tourism connected with it. They might think of banning fishing around the ramps, understand that monofilament keeping getting sucked into the pumps and burns out the seals.

Anonymous said...

Biggest disaster coming out of Chesapeake Shipbuilding

Anonymous said...

Bridge should be put there, no one can depend it on, to expensive to keep just for the good ole days.

Anonymous said...

Then we could fish off the bridge!