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Friday, February 28, 2014

Delegate Argues For 6-month Foreclosure Freeze

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Two of the Maryland House's more liberal Democrats are pushing for new protections against foreclosures: a six-month freeze on foreclosures and a ban on deficiency judgments.

Aisha Braveboy, a Prince George's County delegate running for attorney general, testified for the moratorium bill Thursday before the House Environmental Matters Committee. She said it could save homeowners struggling through bureaucratic delays with banks, such as lost paperwork.

Heather Mizeur, who is running for governor from Montgomery County, argued for banning deficiency judgments. Judges sometimes impose these on homeowners who default on their mortgages when the sale of their homes doesn't cover what they owe.



Anonymous said...

Exactly what is not needed. A full recovery cannot take place until the market is cleared of the foreclosures against which arms' length sales must compete.


Anonymous said...

WTH!! More free Obama Money. I am sick and tired of having to pay my mortgage along with everyone elses rental vouchers, food stamps, free heating oil, Medicaid and everything else I work for. Make these lazy asses have to come up with 2 months rent to live in an apartment or in Mommies basement and then maybe they will learn more about how the economy works. It's just plain and simple. Live within your means and the best way to do that is to vote Republican. Do not vote any Democrats or Homosexuals in office. They think the world owes them something convenient right before an election year they are hoping to get more entitlement votes. That Heather Mizeur who looks like Jim Ireton in Drag needs to ran out of office. She does not need to be Maryland's next governor. This is another way that Democrats control elections. They throw out these feel good entitlements just before and election knowing people down on their luck will vote for them. Guess what they never go through with their promises and they are caught lying again. Remember the idiots that thought Obama was going to fill up their cars with free gas. Six years later they are still waiting for their gas, but they are to stupid to wonder what happened. Remember Ireton promised to clean the Wicomico River so you can swim in it in 10 years. Guess what another lie and the voters are to stupid to realize they were lied to again by Democrat politicians. And the Bozo in the White House says don't apologize for anything after his Master has been apologizing for 6 months.