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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Single Most Important Item For Investors In The Capital Markets

The single most important item for investors to understand is collateral. Specifically, how there is a huge shortage of high-grade collateral backstopping the trillions in derivatives trades owned by the TBTFs

The senior most assets backstopping the $600 trillion derivatives market are SOVEREIGN BONDS: US Treasuries, Japanese Government Bonds, German Bunds.

By keeping interest rates near zero, and pumping over $10 trillion into the financial system since 2007, the world’s Central Banks have forced investors to misprice the most prized collateral backstopping the entire derivatives system: SOVEREIGN BONDS.

SO what happens when the current bond bubble bursts and we begin to see bonds falling and yields rising?


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Anonymous said...

Want advice sell sell sell and bury gold bars in your backyard oh and stock up on food and ammo..the roof will be caving in soon