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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Obama’s Plan to Bankrupt Coal Continues Without Congress

Remember back during the 2008 presidential campaign when Barack Obama promised to bankrupt anyone who wanted to build a coal-fired power plant and essentially shut down the coal industry?

For those not paying attention, despite his inability to get cap-and-trade passed, he is still pursuing this plan. Now, he’s doing it via EPA regulations known as New Source Performance Standards (NSPS)– which amount to a “cap” without the “trade.”

There is a virtual metric ton wrong with these standards, which would impose firm caps on the amount of carbon new coal-fired power plants can emit. (Note that Obama and his EPA are also considering extending the rules to existing coal-fired power plants, which sounds even more awesome).


Anonymous said...

EPA and o must go...soon

Anonymous said...

It's all about destroying the country economically and we are letting him do it.

Anonymous said...

This waste of oxygen has been the worst thing to happen to our country...EVER!

He has set us back in global reputation, production, standard of living - not to mention the backward socialist movements that Lenin, Marx, Mussolini, and Hitler would all be proud of!

Anonymous said...

He's doing a fine job bankrupting the entire nation.

Anonymous said...

So now ask yourself. what have the Republicans done to stop him? NOTHING

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 7:59, This American, (me) created a Blog that now brings in millions of people. We deliver articles like this one to better educate the public and not brainwash them like the MSM.

So, think again because some Republicans are fighting back the best way possible.

Anonymous said...

The good men at the top, military, LE,CIA,FBI, Secret Service, Lawyers.....they cower in the shadows like scared easy to go with the flow and accept pay and benefits....for allowing these terrorist to destroy the USA!
It certainly isnt for upholding their OATH to the Constitution or this Country! SHAME!!!

Anonymous said...

7:59-Tea Party Republicans are fighting, every day. They are being persecuted by the Media, The IRS and the Department of Justice for their efforts. How do you fight a regime that has an Eric Holder refusing to follow the law?

Anonymous said...

Coal jewelry will hopefully continue in production.