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Sunday, January 26, 2014

SOLD! But Wait... Is This The Beginning Of The End?

Sale Price $500,000 / 3.04 Acres Direct Wicomico Riverfront / Zoned Central Business 
"New owner plans to redevelop for student housing".

They say, "build it and they will come". This land was up for sale for $4,000,000.00 and sold for $500,000.00. The condo units next door still aren't sold and guess what they'll be worth when student housing goes in. Where will they park? Then there's the subsidized/affordable housing going in at River's Edge just across the river. 

Oh, if you haven't seen the LIGHT yet, there's NO interest in the Downtown Parking Lots and Mayor Ireton is FURIOUS with local Developers for not putting in RFP's for those lots. In fact, Jimmy is labeling developers anti supporters of his Downtown revitalization plans. 

What Jimmy doesn't realize is, (for example) Lot 1 will cost somewhere close to $30,000,000.00 to redevelop. I just don't know where Jimmy gets the idea that this is easy money but would YOU take a risk on $30,000,000.00 in the HOPE Downtown Salisbury will come back to life? No, neither will ANY developer. 

So what YOU WILL see in the end with these parking lots is, yep, STUDENT HOUSING AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING. 

Oh, you'll hear, we tried so hard. We did our very best, BUT... 

Now, let's talk about what this Mayor and Council President have done. Have you ever wondered WHY WBOC, WMDT and the Daily Times NEVER speak of the Old Mall property. Oh, those horrible "Council Of No" people who were actually trying to PROTECT YOU. I'm just going to boldly tell each and every citizen of Salisbury what I would have done as your Mayor. Because I have a business background, I would have made it my #1 priority to FINISH what was started. I would have, #1, FIXED the Waste Water Treatment Plant and told you the TRUTH about why it will or won't work, something Barrie Tilghman, Jim Ireton and others do NOT want you to know about. I would have FINISHED the old Mall project BEFORE I would have sold a Fire House or ANYTHING else. Oh, how we have so conveniently forgotten that mess and the $14,000,000.00 TIF.

Salisbury is NOT moving forward. Salisbury is in DENIAL. Salisbury has FAILED the taxpayers. Your leaders simply want you to forget about the past and the local press is helping them. I don't care if the old Mall or WWTP was under Barrie Tilghman, Ireton pledged to FIX the past and move forward. Do you really want to hand over your Parking Lots now, when they can't even complete what they had started some 8 years ago and have failed at? Yeah, we have new bike paths though, aren't you excited!

Mayor Ireton and Jake Day, STOP the BS and start telling the TRUTH for once in your lives. No different then telling people you WILL clean the River in 10 years so everyone can swim in it again. Your Downtown plan is a load of crap and I said it long ago, it's the cart before the horse. It's time you resolve PAST issues FIRST before taking on ANYTHING else. I don't care what anyone says, I am right and Jim and Jake are wrong. This is the beginning of the end. 

I want to close with this. Around 2 years ago I met Jim Ireton at the Salisbury Festival and I asked him what his intentions were with the upcoming election. He said, If I can get the Council to move forward with the parking lots and get them to give me the EDU's, I won't run again. He went on to say HE COULDN'T FINANCIALLY AFFORD TO BE MAYOR ANY LONGER. 

Don't you find it interesting how Mayor Ireton is now VERY UPSET with the local Developers who are NOT interested in the Downtown Parking Lots????? Could it be that Jim ran again because there was something in it for him and now that has all but disappeared? 

Don't let your Mayor and elected officials give away ANYTHING more until they FINISH what they started or inherited. Finish the WWTP and the Old Mall and then come talk to us. We've lost enough money under your leadership and Barrie Tilghman's. 


Anonymous said...

It will be a ghetto.

Anonymous said...

Student housing....really?
All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus. Check out for details.
Yes, they must be on campus for 4 semesters!
Only a handful of exceptions....
Wonder if Brad Gillis knew about the new rules?
Yes 8:09 AM you are probably correct in your assessment!

JoeAlbero said...

I should have added this into the article but I'll do so here for now instead.

I want you to THINK about how ANYONE will be able to pull out of the parking lot at this location heading east on Riverside Drive, towards Downtown.

If any of you have ever seen the cluster at that traffic light, it's so backed up during peak hours that you couldn't even turn left if you wanted to.

Once they put it student housing, well, you get the picture. Jeremy Cox from the Daily Times did an article about this project, yet he left out the student housing portion of it. How convenient.

There's a very good reason this lot sat empty with no interest for so many years.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to turn left and go downtown. If it's student housing, they'll all turn right and go to class.

Anonymous said...

I'm still upset about the firehouse!

Anonymous said...

Salisbury slumlords make tons on student housing, it's only affordable to those whose bills are paid by mom and dad

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 8:30, OK, no one will ever turn left. UNBELIEVABLE the extent some of you will go.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sell of your building Joe.

Anonymous said...

maybe jimmy will turn left, but if everybody believed like him, Salisbury would be gone in one generation

Anonymous said...

No one will turn left? That's why Salisbury is what it is. Joe, you can't fix stupid

Andy Berges said...

What Salisbury is in Desperate need of is a mayor who possesses INTEGRITY and who has VISION...and I’m not talking about Ireton’s BlUrRy vision. Otherwise, as Proverbs 29:18 has forewarned us for almost 3,000 years:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The same applies to the Eastern Shore’s legislators who are representing us…many of whom are UN-representing us.

Anonymous said...

The problem with "student housing" is the looming Sallie Mae crisis. Sallie Mae is what is to student loans as Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac is to the home loan industry.

Anonymous said...

The secular equivalent to Andy's Bible quote is "forward thinking." Politicians don't do it (esp common w/democrats) because instant gratification gives them a bragging platform at the moment. They only care about the moment and not what's in the best interest of the younger generation and the country as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Reference to 8:51 POST

You are so on-point. Joe Albero gave the City and County a vision for Salisbury's future, and yet placed the gauntlet in the hands of a NOVICE - (Ireton).

With student housing - Salisbury will turn into a ghetto faster that the river flows into the Chesapeake Bay.

The City officials have the wrong priorities. I believe Joe is correct in the following philosophy:

1. Concentrate on a few things - AND DO THEM WELL!

(A) Fix the Waste Water Treatment Plant

(B) Focus on resolving the Old Mall.

Anonymous said...

Einstein at 8:50 must've never seen a one-way street or no left turn sign

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 8:57, THANK YOU! Finally, somebody gets it!

I firmly believe that is EXACTLY what we are experiencing with Obama, O'Malley, Pollitt, Ireton and Day.

It is not their intention to move us forward because they can only live in the moment. My vision is a 20 to 30 year vision.

Come on now people. Do you really think a Mayor, Governor or President can correct things in only 4 years?

Ireton took bits and pieces of my platform and has tried to make it his own, good for him. However, what Ireton FAILED to do is come to me for help to UNDERSTAND how to make it work for the long term.

Since Ireton has NO business background and the people surrounding him do not as well, their hope is that you'll LIKE MY ideas and that will be good enough to please people.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH JIMMY. Taking MY ideas and running with them may help you survive until the next election but instead of CARING about the taxpayers to make sure the people coming Downtown are prepared to survive for the next 30 years is another thing.

Do you really think a Dance Studio fits in with Downtown, SERIOUSLY? Where will the parents of these little children PARK?

Ireton wants instant results with no marketing, no master plan. Just fill the space and that's good enough.

Salisbury deserves better. Finish the WWTP and the Old Mall.

Anonymous said...

Typical Joe, everything the Mayor does is wrong! It is easy to sit back now & say what you would do if elected, but you were not elected!

Thank goodness.

Anonymous said...

8:50 AM
Ireton turned 'left' long ago!

Anonymous said...

It's sad, but seems every little Town & big city does this. They grab the first dollar that comes in & then the development strains the city with the cost of city services, PW, Fire/EMS & Police. Look at the small towns that jumped on the quick up front money for building low income apartment complexes. The initial dollar received was used up quick in police response & overtime. Same ole, same ole, ideas.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 9:17, You are so right.

If you didn't know, Salisbury has some of the largest volume of "affordable housing" than ANY other City in the state. I'd even venture to say it is probably the largest amount per capita. Oh, no crap, and our RIME is through the roof too, go figure!

Anonymous said...

To 9:03, Like I said, you can't fix stupid.

Anonymous said...

No Joe I'm not "finally" getting it~I've always gotten it. No one fools me.

Andy Berges said...

A major problem with Ireton is that I have never heard him owning up to JUST ONE of his NUMEROUS mistakes. Rather than being held accountable for his mistakes, he irresponsibly justifies them.

We all make mistakes. My desk consists of pencils with erasers and white-out to correct my mistakes. I make my mistakes at my job and I admit them to my supervisor and let him know that I learned from them and I will do my best to not make the same mistake twice. He appreciates that and does not appreciate workers who lie to attempt to cover up or justify their mistakes.

Ireton would be more respected by Salisbury’s residents if he admitted his mistakes as well. His “attempts” to justify them LOUDLY displays his lack of character and integrity.

What Salisbury (and the Eastern Shore as well) needs are TRUE Leaders representing us that follow “We The People!” and who have a comparable mindset as Benjamin Disraeli who admirably stated…
“I must follow the people. Am I not their leader?”

Anonymous said...

Joe, IF I were you, which I'm not, I would run for mayor one more time. If the people of Salisbury STILL do not see what is going on, and refuse to elect someone who can at least start to fix things for the better, I would just walk away and leave them to their demise.

That's just my opinion. You may have a different one. But after pointing out all the crap that is wrong, proposing ways to correct them, and being man enough to stand up and tell the TRUTH, they deserve whatever they get and they can continue whining and bitching until this area turns into another Detroit.

I am so fed up with lazy and aimless people. They have two choices the way I look at it. Fix it or live with/in it.

From this point forward, it is nobody's fault but their own. They can blame whoever they like, but it now lies at their feet.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:01, Thank You, I'm honored.

As I stated yesterday. Ask your friends and neighbors who they voted for in the last election and you'll quickly see the majority voted for me. I'll never forget Jake Day's Father who stood next to me at the Polls on election day for 12 hours. At 7 PM when the Polls were closing he said, man Joe, you really have this wrapped up, don't you. I replied, it sure does look that way, doesn't it.

I was smart. I spent several months walking door to door talking to thousands of people. I wanted people to challenge me. I wanted people to get to know face to face just who Joe Albero is. I was very successful and I did not lie when I said that out of 7,000+ homes I only had 7 people tell me they were committed to Jim Ireton and they were VERY kind.

Heck, in case none of you knew this, Jim Ireton's own SISTER had my Campaign Signs in her front yard.

Here's where I failed. I never thought in the United States of America and election could be rigged. We've ALL had our suspicions about other countries but never in America, right?

There's no way Jim Ireton won that election, you know it and I know it. Am I bitter, no, not really. If Jim Ireton wants to believe he's a winner, so be it.

To those of you who keep asking why I didn't challenge it, WHY! Do YOU think I would be able to change ANYTHING with the current Council?

Here's the deal. If no one steps up to the plate to run against Jim Ireton, I will run again. If someone with a good business background steps up and is NOT tied with special interests, I will walk away for good.

Get rid of the electronic ballots, PERIOD.

Anonymous said...

10:01 You supporters going to actually contribute to Joe's campaign this time.

Anonymous said...

10:01-I respect your opinion,and I respect Joe's tenacity,but SBY residents won't change as a unit.Sure,some will see the light,but not enough to sway a vote in Joe's favor.My opinion all along is that Joe is where he belongs.I would love to have him as mayor,but vision scares the crap out of locals and he has no chance of being elected.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 10:15, Is that all you liberals have?

It's NOT about the money/contributions.

You should be asking instead, will the rest of the MSM actually tell the TRUTH the next go around?

Will local civic groups NOT give out questions in advance to their special candidates?

I think we ALL saw enough insider stuff going on in the last election. WBOC, WMDT, the DT's, the Chamber, they're ALL afraid of me and they should be.

We have proven a little guy can blow them out of the water. No journalistic background. The Chamber got to hear what a REAL and successful businessman can do when given the opportunity.

No, I would NOT reach out for money because it isn't MONEY that wins elections at this level.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:01, Joe has been pointing out Ireton's recklessness and irresponsible actions throughout many months prior to the last election and Joe was obviously the better candidate and Salisbury's narrow-minded and ignorant voters still voted for Ireton. Many out of spite.

The problem is that these old-fashioned "good old boy" Clowns think elections are a popularity contest and don't vote for the better candidate. This ignorant breed of species is slowly evaporating from the Earth though, but not quickly enough because they are causing our region in Maryland to rapidly deteriorate.

Anonymous said...

Joe, were the Day/Campbell votes reversed too? Including in the primary?

Anonymous said...

10:15-Why so we can subject ourselves to you're all's obsession? Let's face it. You all have mental conditions. Anyone and I repeat ANYONE such as JT, that Delusional site and even ireton who devoted an entire site to Joe at the election time, have something wrong in their heads. They are the same type of people who go on these mass shootings.

Anonymous said...

Joe, are you going to run for mayor again, but make them use paper ballots so they can't cheat? JT says you're selling your building. We want you to run and win, Joe!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of JT, I just went to his polluted site, mostly filled with anti-Albero junk. From what I gather he has a serious crush on you Joe so I wouldn't trust that pervert walking behind you to closely.
Now he has a STUPID post offering $200 for moving expenses to any resident that thinks “The Shore Is Going To Hell In A Handbasket”, which is exactly what is happening to the shore. This waste of a space of a being on the shore is nothing but a CANCER who is infecting our shore with his polluted site. We should be offering to not only pay for all of his moving expenses but to also buy his big butt a house as far away from here as possible.

JoeAlbero said...

Why do you people waste your time going to his site. Don't you realize that is exactly what he wants. He doesn't care about you, Salisbury or anything else. All he cares about is being Albero. He wants to be popular. IF he had good ideas, why doesn't HE run for Mayor? IF he believes people actually believe him, why not run. Oh, that's right, he might lose all of that money YOU for his $300.00 a month housing, food stamps and whatever else he gets from the government. He refuses to get job, yet he proves he can sit at a computer and Blog.

YOU people are the FOOLS that go to his site.

Anonymous said...

Does student housing remain on the city tax rolls or does Student housing means no city taxes paid?

JoeAlbero said...

I had a wonderful conversation with one of the property owners Joey Gilkerson this morning.

He stated that while they had entertained student housing on that property, they are simply speculative property owners at this time and are researching other opportunities.

Anonymous said...

And why not?

SU and Purdue have the most growth in Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the talk about opening a med school or doctor residency programme at PRMC

Anonymous said...

9:17. You must have analyzed Crisfield and Princess Anne's police budget ballooning in the last ten years

Anonymous said...

Joe will never win for mayor. Only people who can be controlled will be elected.

Anonymous said...

If this goes as student housing, SU will guarantee occupancy rates and get a cut of the rent. They'll probably figure out a way to take away the tax obligations, too.

Anonymous said...

The Med School is still on its way. UMES keeps throwing down roadblocks to slow it down.

Anonymous said...

1:03 .. Who is this Purdue that has grown so much?? If you mean PERDUE FARMS, you are sadly misinformed. They have been quietly leaving Maryland and taking operations elsewhere for about the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

What operations has Perdue moved out of Maryland?

Anonymous said...

The best thing that could happen to the old mall would be for the Civic Center to acquire it. But then the best thing for the Civic Center would be for a good HOTEL to be built on that property.