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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Just imagine, you’re already being paid a healthy $165,000 a year, but your retirement is looming and your pension will amount to only $110,000.

But you work under a public employee contract that allows you to count bonuses and other such income as salary, and you cash in $270,000 during your final year of work, bringing your pay to $435,000 for the year.

That, then, is used as the basis for your pension, which surges from $110,000, to $166,000, higher than your salary.
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what the numbers are in Wicomico County for all the "public servants" who retire early from one job and collect pensions while still working another public-sector job.

jim said...

That's night spiking. If you work long enough to earn a pension, retire and start another job..that is simply being industrious. No one should be faulted for that.