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Friday, January 31, 2014

All The President’s Women

It is not a coincidence that most of the Obama administration scandals happened under the leadership of women. The Obama administration chooses to surround itself with “yes men” and “yes women,” but liberal “yes women” have an advantage: it is hard to criticize and grill them when a scandal happens without being accused of sexism and being a bigoted woman-hater.

In our current political environment, liberal politicians in general, men and women, get away with a lot more than conservative politicians because of media liberal bias. But liberal female politicians can get away with a lot more than their male counterparts, and that explains why almost all the Obama scandals have female faces behind them. Under ordinary conditions, men or women should end up becoming fall guys or gals, but many of the women behind the Obama scandals end up rewarded, sometimes even with a better position.



Anonymous said...

This is what I've been saying all along. Democrat women are nothing more than slaves to men, obeying them at all costs even it it means lying for them. We saw it on a local level with the Day controversy. Mitchell instead of saying he needed to get his driving situation straighten out, said it could be a clerical error.
It just gross the way these women act-like beaten down dogs afraid to speak up and tell the truth but instead lie or make excuses.

Anonymous said...

It is funny the way people now try to blame the good ole boy network for all of the ills of the city and county. take a close look at who is running things

Anonymous said...

4:20, it's really not that "funny" when it is reality and stealing money out of your wallet. But if you want to be robbed and just laugh, go ahead!