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Friday, January 31, 2014

SAFE STREETS TOP 25 James “Dollar” Grady Sentenced To 8 Years D.O.C.

January 30, 2014, the following case resolved in the Circuit Court for Wicomico County:

James Grady K-13-0342:

James Grady a.k.a. “Dollar” was found guilty of Possession with the Intent to Distribute Crack Cocaine. Assistant State’s Attorney and Safe Streets Prosecutor Rich Brueckner, prosecuted the case resulting in the Guilty verdict and eight years of incarceration for Mr. Grady.

On April 4, 2013 Safe Streets officers from the Maryland State Police and Salisbury Police Department observed James Grady, who is known on the street as “Dollar”, “dipping” in and out of cars on the corner of Sandy’s One Stop. Based on these observations, officers made contact with Grady and conducted a weapons safety pat down of Grady’s person. Immediately, the officer felt a baggie of suspected crack cocaine protruding from Grady’s buttocks.

The Court found that based on the amount of Cocaine, the denominations of money found on Grady, the manner in which the cocaine was being hidden, and the lack of any drug use paraphernalia – James Grady possessed the crack cocaine for distribution.

“Dollar” was on the Safe Streets Top Prosecution list.


Anonymous said...

Dollar be doin' some time now. Good job folks!

Anonymous said...

Now we know why the drug is called 'crack.'

Anonymous said...

Top 100 community

Anonymous said...

Applause for nailing him!

Anonymous said...

Outrageous amounts of jail time for these crimes. One day all cops will cease to exist.