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Friday, January 31, 2014

House GOP To Wage War Against Obama Executive Orders

President Barack Obama made it clear in his State of the Union address that he would make greater use of executive orders to achieve what he wasn't getting from Congress, but House Republicans warned they will be on guard against such White House actions.

"President Obama has decided to try to bypass Congress and go it alone, using executive orders in an attempt to put into effect policies he cannot achieve in the legislative process," GOP Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan, who chairs the House Committee on Administration, told Newsmax. "This is troubling not only because it shows a lack of leadership, but also because such authority is not found in our Constitution."

Miller is a co-sponsor of the STOP Resolution, which she said "would require the House to take legal action against the president for not faithfully executing the law as required by the Constitution."



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, we're in a state of emergency. That's the Constitutional basis for most executive orders. So unless congress ends that, they are just blowing smoke up our butts.

Anonymous said...

How do you handle a declaration of "martial law"?? Ob' will next try to dissolve Congress. Bets???

Anonymous said...

Impeach the bastard.

Charge the bastard with war crimes.

Charge the bastard with treason.

He and his followers need to be taken out.

Anonymous said...

Odd that they are so up in arms about anything.If anyone recalls during the 2012 election,their votes were adding up much faster than the popular vote in Obama's favor.At around 9PM all of the major news networks stated that for all intents and purposes Obama had won the race already.