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Friday, January 31, 2014

Watchdog: Afghan Ministries Cannot Properly Account For How US Dollars Are Spent

The U.S. government is keeping tens of millions of dollars flowing to Afghanistan despite a pair of private audits that found Afghan ministries could not properly account for the funds, according to a pointed watchdog report released on Thursday.

The lengthy study from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction revealed the audits produced 696 recommendations, with 41 percent labeled as "critical" or "high risk." The U.S. agency administering the funds, USAID, worked to address some of these -- but despite concluding it would not approve direct aid "under normal circumstances," the money continued to flow.

According to the report, USAID has committed just more than $1 billion to Afghanistan.



Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise. That's not their money that they are wasting that's our money that they are wasting!

Anonymous said...

Cut it off. Make them do something to make us friends first.

ginn said...

I have no doubt in that, we the US tax payers, are buying the very weapons that are killing and maiming our military. They may be 7.62x39 or RPG-7V2 or some EurAsian formula of the Composition C family but, we're still paying for it through aid to Afghanistan.