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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Incredible Tweets From John McCain On Libya And Syria From 2009 And 2011

Earlier today I called John McCain a weapon of mass destruction on Twitter. Little did I know that just moments later he would be caught playing a game of poker on his iPhone during the Senate’s hearing on launching missiles at Syria.

Nevertheless, none of this should surprise us, as John McCain has shown signs of severe dementia for quite some time now. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and examine some of his tweets from years past.



Anonymous said...

John McCain has a gambling addiction--google Mccain gambling and prepare to be astonished at his gambling exploits. Now how easy would it be for someone with power money and influence to blackmail a U.S. Senator --like a high ranking member of the Muslim Brotherhood or a Saudi Prince for example--to own a U.S. Senator who is thousands and thousand of dollars in debt from it is clearer why McCain is a traitor to this country and its soldiers.

Anonymous said...

I feel congress should bomb the countries supplying us with drugs that is a national security threat.

Anonymous said...

721-Thousands and thousands of dollars is pittance for McCain. His wife is heir to the second largest beer distributor is the nation. They own multiple homes, they've bought multiple homes for their kids.

To call him a traitor is ugly. That man has done more for his country than you could ever have a wet dream about.

Anonymous said...

10:44 have you been asleep for the last two weeks? He is a globalist puppet no different than Obama. Our government has been infiltrated by a elite group of bankers, corporations, and military contractors, hell bent on destroying our republic because we our the last bastion of god given liberty. And please do some research on how McCain spent his time in "captivity". He's been a traitor for decades. How can you justify this man playing poker on a smartphone while the lives of young men and women hang in the balance for a hoax. Enough is enough. And 8:28 we would never bomb the countries supplying drugs. The only reason their is a war on drugs is to control the market. The CIA on record funds black operations through the drug trade....don't have to go to congress for that money.

Anonymous said...

10:44 for your family's sake, please visit infowars or drudge report and wake up

Anonymous said...

And Osama bin Ladin once helped the US run Russia out of Afghanistan. That didn't make bin Ladin a patriot.