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Thursday, September 05, 2013


“Despite Mexican government statistics adding up to more than 110,000 murders during Calderón’s term, the international press continues to report estimates of the death toll in Mexico ranging from 50,000 to ‘more than 60,000.’” -- Molly Molloy, border and Latin American specialist at the New Mexico State University Library.

The majority of world media consistently reports the murder rates in Mexico from the 2006-2012 as being anywhere from 30,000 to 60,000, including most U.S. media and me. New numbers have emerged estimating the number of Mexican murders closer to 110,000.



Anonymous said...

Stop vacationing in Mexico! When you spend money in that country you are supporting drug cartels and a corrupt government. There are plenty of other places to visit.

Anonymous said...

This IS an imminent threat to our country's security but Obama would rather focus on the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Syria.
As many or more people have been killed in the most horrible ways yet the Obama regime turns a blind eye and even sells the cartels guns!
Everything the regime does is completely opposite or backwards from the way it should be.
How do you get it wrong so consistently?

Anonymous said...

110,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the number sneaking across the border.

Anonymous said...

Heck! you can kill that many in one bus wreck.

Anonymous said...

Really 11:05 250 Billion Dollars is what the drug cartels made last year. You really think they give a crap if we come to Mexico to a resort owned by American Corps.

President Ohhblaablaa has made sure the drugs flow more freely than ever with his stand down policies. Who is the real criminal here. The only positive note is that this is criminals killing other criminals is most cases.

It has crossed the boarder talk to any boarder town law enforcement officer. The msm does not put it out there. Ohbama needs to get his head out of the muslim brotherhoods ass. Makes sense 90% opiates smuggled are coming from muslim states. He is just taking care of his "own" and killing America at the same time. He is a passive agressive man with an axe to grind with white America and we have let him do it. If I had a son he would "not" look like Tavon.