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Saturday, August 17, 2013

An Open Letter To The Editor

The forty Fourth President of the United States has an agenda that he is generating as themasses stand back and watch. Yes we all complain amongst our friends and family, and do nothing. Five years ago he promised a great many things like every other politician, and nothing he has promised has come to be. Unless you consider the unemployment rate or more importantly the under employment rate or the number of people that have simply dropped out of the work force.
If we were to summarize his accomplishments as they have a website so that can be done. The top fifty accomplishments listed on a web site,as I looked at it I didn’t see anything about the scandals. Benghazi, or fast and furious, spying on the press and the I.R.S. problem. I believe the last count was roughly a dozen; that was as of today.
In the interest of fairness we have gotten the affordable care act using the administrations term for the fiasco also known as “Obama Care” to the rest of us. The different terms are one of this administrations easier sleight of hand tricks. Affordable Care act is nothing of the sort and it will bury the country and the citizens of this country and it citizens in insurmountable debt. Back to the different terms subject we have all known about the “illegal Alien” problem but that just sounds too harsh so now the politically correct term is “undocumented”. Would you like to buy a bridge?
Back to the promises, and I am only touching on the blatantly abusive use of power there is simply not enough time to get into all of the lies. I can’t forget the miserable unemployment numbers or more importantly the Under-employment numbers. And while unemployment is a major issue the administration has created jobs, “low competition jobs”. Eighty seven percent of the jobs created are part time and minimum wage jobs. Guess where they are going.
We the people is apparently not part of this administrations beliefs as the attorney general does not observe the rule of law and sees it as a hindrance. Much as the Director of homeland security that picks, and chooses which laws she wants to enforce. As the border is now being overrun by illegals claiming political asylum and we are putting them up in hotels. Call room service for meals as they are under guard and not permitted to go anywhere.
Another item missed by INS is the number of people that come here to have to have a baby while on a tourist visa and never leave. As they can’t leave the baby here and get the much needed health care they couldn’t get at home.Countless illegals in this country that have overstayed their work or student visa’s, there is no way to track them. But the Russian government knows more about that than we do. Remember the Tsarnev brothers and the Boston bombings.

This country is more divided now than any other time in history other than the civil war. The separation is less defined as the middle class is being systematically destroyed by the government by horrendous fees for licenses and rising taxes. Yet the biggest businesses in this country pay little or no taxes by hiding billions overseas.
If the current number of scandals gets to be too much to handle the presidents solution seems to be jump on air force one and take a vacation and if he’s forgotten anything Marine one can bring it to them.
The President took 131 vacation days in his first term so far he has only taken 84 days of vacation in his second term. So far the president seems to be on a better pace in his second term. During his time is office the president and the first family have taken thirteen vacations a total of eighty three days costing thetax payer over twenty million dollars.
In August of 2010 Michelle Obama took her family and friends to Spain costing taxpayers over $467,585 and the trip to Africa in 2011 cost tax payers $424,142. Michelle said in a TV interview that she hated living in the white house but, loved the perks and that is easy to understand considering what she has put on your credit card. While the majority of Americans vacation on a budget if they even take a vacation.
If this isn’t enough to get your attention or make your blood boil think about this, it is not the Republicans or the Democrats that have created this mess, it is the people we put in office. It is time to take the country back, if we allow this to continue the freedoms our fathers, sons and daughters have fought for will be taken away from us. Many of them have given everything for what many of us have taken for granted. It is time for us to take the country back from Washington.
Contact your congressman or senator today…let them know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is time to take the country back. This administration is out of control and does not see the law and the constitution as anything they need to follow. Calling our representatives (especially Maryland's) is not going to achieve anything, they feel empowered. They must go! Midterms are coming and we should get rid of the insiders and replace as many as possible... both parties.

Anonymous said...

I think that most were waiting for someone to perform surgery on him with a firearm. However it hasn't happened. So I guess they are now awaiting an incurable disease or a massive heart attack or a plane crash.
He has promised congress the world , so contacting them is fruitless.

Anonymous said...

We all know this but seeing it in print is an eye opener.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Amen. Very good article. We need to take back our country if we are to survive.

Anonymous said...

If you are aware of what is going on in Greece than you may want to think twice about taking over the government. If the government is as rotten to the core as it appears than attempting a takeover could have similar results in this country. I hope and pray we are not to that point but lets face is beginning to appear pretty bleak. I have decided to vote for anyone who has NEVER been in elected office (clean slate) and pray for the best. It is to the point of voting between 2 evils and who really wants to vote for evil?